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Advantages of PDC Cutters

07. 08, 2021

Advantages of PDC Cutters

The polycrystalline diamond composite tool is sintered into a polycrystalline diamond layer with a tungsten carbide substrate under ultra-high temperature and high pressure.

Application of PDC cutters

Diamond drill bits are used in almost all fields, including geothermal energy drilling, mining, water wells, natural gas drilling and oil well drilling.

PDC drill bits are widely used in natural gas drilling. PDC cutters are widely used in petroleum, oil field PDC drill bits, geological PDC exploration drill bits, natural gas exploration drill bits, PDC coal mine drill bits, etc. PDC drill bits are mainly used for PDC drill bits for drilling soft and medium-hard formations.

Advantages of PDC cutters

*A new cutting surface will appear during the abrasion process to keep effective cutting rocks.

*Diamond layer has high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance and good self-sharpening properties

*PDC drill bits made of this kind of PDC rely on shearing to break the rock when working, which is more effective than rock-breaking with roller cones or plowing with impregnated diamond drills.

*The zigzag structure combination between the polycrystalline diamond layer and the hard alloy substrate makes the combination between the two layers more fixed and makes the entire PDC more impact resistant.

How are PDC cutters made

Cutters use a combination of high temperature and high pressure. Artificial diamonds can grow out in 5-10 minutes. Due to this diamond content, fixed cutting bits can also be referred to as diamond drill bits.

High temperature and pressure form PDC (polycrystalline diamond dense) cutter.

The tool is made of cemented carbide substrate and coarse diamond grains. The high temperature of about 2800 degrees and the high pressure of about 1,000,000 psi form a compact. Cobalt alloys also act as catalysts in the sintering process. Cobalt helps to bond carbide and diamond.

During the cooling process, the shrinkage rate of tungsten carbide is 2.5 times faster than the diamond. Controlling this pressure, like most aspects of drill bit design, is called intellectual property, and manufacturers rarely share their secrets.

PDC cutter

PDC cutter

Large cutter and small cutter

Generally speaking, large cutters (19mm to 25mm) are more aggressive than small cutters. However, they may increase torque ripple.

In some applications, small cutters (8mm, 10mm, 13mm and 16mm) have a higher ROP than large cutters. One of the applications is limestone.

In addition, drill bits designed with smaller cutting teeth can withstand higher impact loads.

In addition, small cutters produce smaller cuttings, while large cutters produce larger cuttings. If the drilling fluid cannot carry cuttings into the annulus, the large cuttings may cause borehole cleaning problems.

The invention of PDC cutter pushed fixed cutter to the forefront of the drilling industry, and this concept immediately gained popularity.

Since the shearing action of PDC cutter is more effective than the crushing action of buttons or tooth-shaped bits, there is a high demand for fixed cutter.

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