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The History And Advantages Of PDC

03. 30, 2021

The History And Advantages Of PDC

Howard Hughes invented the double cone bit in 1908. In 1933, Hughes invented the tri-cone bit, which further advanced his invention of the double-cone. The double-cone machine and the three-cone machine completely changed the oil drilling industry at that time. Since 1933, Tricones has come a long way. Technology, materials and efficiency have all been improved. Drilling rigs have also been improved in all other aspects of the drilling industry. Tricone is no longer only used in the oil and gas industry, but in all drilling industries, including but not limited to water wells, geothermal, hard drives, construction, foundations, and mining.

In 1976, the introduction of PDC (polycrystalline diamond compact) bits once again brought revolutionary changes to the drilling industry. When PDC bits were first developed, they were very expensive, and only large companies in the oil and gas industry were able to use them. With the passage of time, the technology of PDC bits is getting better and better, and the price is getting cheaper and cheaper. Now PDC bits are widely used in all drilling industries like tri-cone bits. However, many drilling companies are still hesitating whether to try new methods. I will try to explain the coming and going of PDC drill bits and why they can work for you.

Regardless of the drilling industry, many drilling companies are hesitant to try new things, because they know what methods have worked for them in the past, and if it still works, why should they change? We are all creatures of habit. Most of us don't like change, even if the change may make it better. PDC bit is a big change in the drilling industry, but many people don't want it. Here are a few reasons why drilling companies should consider replacing PDC bits.

1. Cost-effectiveness

The cost-effectiveness of PDC bits is very high. Unlike triangle drills, PDC drills have no moving parts that can wear out. The synthetic diamond surface may fall off, but the PDC cutter can be removed and new one can be placed in its place. The price of rebuilding a PDC bit is usually about half the price of buying a new bit. However, once the bearing on the tri-cone bit is damaged, the tri-cone is useless and cannot be repaired. Unlike hammers and hammer heads, a large air compressor is not required. The rental/purchase of air compressors is expensive, and they require a lot of fuel to drill wells. Although air can be used for PDC bits, it is unnecessary.

2. ROP

In the right formation, the PDC bit has an amazing drilling speed. PDC bits perform well in shale, limestone, sandstone and clay formations, but are not limited to these formations. The use speed of PDC bits is 3-5 times that of tricones. I have encountered such a situation: in the formation of about 300,000 PSI, the length of the drill rod using the tri-cone drill rod is 60 minutes, and the length of the drill rod using the PDC bit is 15 minutes. Since PDC bits can drill hammers less than 35,000 PSI in the rock, many drilling companies have also switched from using hammers to PDC bits.

3. Platform function

At present, many drilling rigs cannot use tricones correctly according to the manufacturer's requirements. The weight of tricone is often more than the weight that many drilling rigs can bear. Without the correct bit weight, the tricone often rotates excessively to compensate for defects that may cause premature bearing failure. On the other hand, the weight of the PDC bit is only half of the tricone bit. However, PDC bits need at least 50 rpm to work properly, and their speed is at least about 100 rpm. PDC bits like lighter weight and higher speed. This is especially effective in the hard disk industry, because most small drilling rigs do not have enough weight capacity and tend to spin too fast. PDC bits are also more stable than hammer bits and taper bits. A more stable drill bit is easier to use on the rig.

4. Cost savings

In short, PDC bits can save money. Because the PDC bit drills so fast, it saves a lot of time. The time saved allows the driller to complete more operations in a shorter time. In a small job, it saves hours and days. For larger jobs, it can save weeks or months. The benefits of completing work faster include saving man-hours and fuel, meeting and/or exceeding deadlines, and using fewer parts and consumables.

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