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What Is a PDC Cutter

05. 19, 2021

What Is a PDC Cutter?

The full name of PDC cutteris Polycrystalline Diamond Compact cutter. PDC cutter is widely used in petroleum and oil field PDC drill bit, geological PDC exploration drill bit, natural gas exploration drill bit, PDC coal mine drill bit, etc.

The full range of PDC cutters are designed for oil/gas drilling and mining drill bits, and are manufactured using the most advanced sintering process. It consists a layer of polycrystalline diamond onto a tungsten carbide substrate as a whole under high pressure and high temperature. PDC cutter combine the hardness and wear resistance of diamond with the impact resistance of tungsten carbide to provide faster, more durable and more economical drilling.

Unique patented interface geometry and good diamond properties contribute to good wear resistance, high impact resistance, and reduced residual stress. Enhanced design features and these improvements perform well in soft to medium formations.

Unique integrated design helps reduce internal stress and improve spalling and chipping resistance. The unique interface geometry and diamond characteristics combine to increase the mechanical rate of penetration (ROP) and extend the life of the drilling in highly demanding drilling applications.

Features and advantages of PDC cutters

1. High ROP

2. High resistance

3. High impact

4. Has good self-sharpening performance.

The history and demand of PDC cutters

General Electric Company (GE) first invented the PDC cutter in 1971, and this technology drove a new revolution in many industries. In 1973, the oil and gas industry used PDC cutter for the first time. After 3 years of trials and field tests, it was put into commercial use in 1976 after it was proved that it was more effective than the crushing effect of drill bits.

With the continuous expansion of market demand, there are more and more innovations in PDC cutters for oil and gas drilling. In 1982, the PDC drill bit only completed 2% of the total footage, but in 2010, the PDC drill bit completed 65% of the total footage.

PDC cutter is a kind of superhard material that uses tungsten carbide as the base material to densify polycrystalline diamond under ultra-high temperature and high pressure.

How are PDC cutter made

PDC cutters are made of tungsten carbide base material and synthetic diamond grit. It uses the combination of high temperature and high pressure and cobalt alloy catalyst to help diamond and carbide combine in the sintering process. During the cooling process, the shrinkage speed of tungsten carbide is 2.5 times faster than that of diamond. Diamond and tungsten carbide are combined to form a PDC cutter.

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